Menu Analysis

Food Inflation - 1350Food Inflation - Pic534Our Menu Analysis expertise takes the guesswork out of crafting a menu that is profitable, efficient and, most importantly, popular with your customers.  Food inflation has hit the food service industry hard over the past 5-years.  If you’re not in control of your costs and adjusting your menu accordingly profits are being compromised.  We have seen historical price increases putting pressure on delivering a menu that’s profitable for your business, competitive with your neighbors, and yet affordable for your customers extremely challenging.

You need to know which menu items are generating the most profit for your restaurant and those you should adjust or remove altogether. The big guys properly manage their inventory, understand actual Vs. ideal food cost, and utilize analytics and controls to realize their profit expectations.  This is exactly the level of discipline we implement in our client’s operations.  These, among many other factors, are just some of the insights our menu analysis can uncover for you.