Some of Our Core Features

Cost Control Restaurant Group® (CCRG) offers 3-premium services to maximize our client's profitability.

Purchasing Power

There is power in numbers. When you become part of CCRG you will no longer be making purchases blindly or alone. Leveraging the Purchasing Power of the group, CCRG monitors the market using a proprietary software 52-weeks per year. We employ a straight-forward, technologically-savvy, hands-on approach to food purchasing for the sole purpose of controlling our client's costs.

Menu Analysis

Let our Menu Analysis expertise take the guesswork out of crafting a menu that is profitable, efficient, and popular with your customers. Do you know which menu item generated the most profit for your restaurant last month or how many items are kicking out over 40% food cost? If you’re not adjusting your menu for food inflation, profits are being compromised. These, among many others, are just some of the analysis that we will delve into for the betterment of your establishment and bottom line.

Rebate Services

CCRG partners with only the best in brand name manufacturers. When you purchase from our brand name partners, you will benefit from a new source of revenue earned through the purchasing power of the group. For every rebate dollar earned, 75% is issued back to the client - the highest return rate in the industry.

A Few Steps Ahead for Independent Restaurants.

Control your costs. Maximize menu profitability. Harness rebate dollars.

CCRG uses a proprietary software system that allows our clients to take control of their purchasing by establishing hard specifications of products and then leveraging our volume to negotiate one best price for all our members. Our technology levels the playing field for distributors and offers them the opportunity to close the blind gap that exists with restaurants ordering habits while devoting fewer resources to capture millions in sales.
  • Purchasing Power is the leverage you need to stay a step ahead of your competition.
  • Menu Analysis engineers your menu to maximize profitability and rid yourself of problems on your menu.
  • Rebate Services:  You will receive 75% of every rebate dollar you earn.
  • Reports are readily available to control your inventory, track your spending, and price your menu to maximum performance.
  • Owners can operate. Chef's can cook. CCRG controls your costs.

In Good Company

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