Bob Wageman

Menu Analysis:  “I thought I knew what I was doing with my menu until I learned CCRG’s process.  They generated over $24K in new gross profit just by convincing me to change 1-item.  That was just the beginning.   Our menu is now engineered to maximize our profitability and we know exactly which items are…

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Peter Troutman

“Besides paying the lowest prices possible for the high quality products we use, the added bonus is CCRG allows chefs and owners to do what they do best.  Chefs can cook.  Owners can operate.  CCRG does the purchasing.  Restaurants that do not pay their bills well within their terms should not consider purchasing through CCRG….

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Todd Farmosa

“After the first month in this group our food cost percentage went down 3% . . . and that’s including the service fee in our cost-of-goods!  We believe in CCRG and the leverage we have gained over the past 13-years to control our costs is paramount to our success.”  – Todd Farmosa, Executive Chef

Tom Brady

“I am a CPA who serves in the capacity of a controller for a seven-figure B.L.D. diner in Harvard Square, Cambridge called Zoe’s. The owner is the father of four children and works 80-hours per week. In the summer of 2008 we were stalled and making no progress on the bottom-line, even though our sales…

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Tiger Zakarian

“Having done business with CCRG as a food sales representative and then worked for as an employee, I have seen how this purchasing organization works for both sides.  CCRG employs a no-nonsense approach and will lower your food cost by consistently monitoring prices on every item you buy every time you order.  This disciplined procedure coupled…

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